5 tips to make your playground become the most popular place

The playground has become one of the most popular places. Friends come to the playground in groups to play with the play equipment. So how do we ensure the positive growth of amusement park traffic? Here are some tips Oplay has summarized to help you make your amusement park more popular.

  1. Leisure seats

Many people may overlook a detail. The larger the playground, the more seats there will be next to the amusement equipment. What is the purpose of placing leisure seats in a playground? The answer is that it is easier to retain customers. The leisure seats in the playground are not only for players to rest when they are tired, this seemingly considerate measure also makes wonderful use of psychology. The setting of leisure seats paralyzes the player’s time perception. Sitting down and waiting to play with the amusement equipment will focus relatively on the game, and the person will receive less other stimulation, and the time perception nerve will perceive less time. Customers play longer without realizing it.

  1. Color: Dazzling colors make customers more excited

In many people’s minds, amusement parks are a place of “feasting lights and feasting”. Dazzling colors are one of the factors that attract customers to amusement parks. Playing in an environment of dazzling colors will make people more enthusiastic. Well-operated playgrounds use colorful amusement equipment, colorful sculptures, and various colorful decorative items. The lighting is mainly in warm colors such as red, yellow, and orange, and soft lighting colors are also used to create a warm atmosphere.

Research shows that color has a certain impact on emotional state. For example, red represents excitement and stimulation, and blue represents comfort and safety. Well-run amusement parks generally use red or yellow dazzling lighting to make people more excited, arouse players’ enthusiasm for participation, and stimulate consumption.

  1. Music: rhythmic and unforgettable

Many people will always hear rhythmic background music coming from the amusement park when they pass by it. The emotions expressed by amusement park music are to allow people to release stress and emotions, thereby attracting customers. If the amusement park uses music to stimulate players, it will make tourists more eager to play, giving people a sense of fun and excitement, which will in turn affect their participation in the amusement.

  1. Passage: Unobstructed view

Attracting attention. The amusement park passages seem to extend in all directions. In fact, if customers walk around along the main passage, they can basically play with all the mainstream amusement equipment. Visitors will never look back. The industry refers to playground passages as flow lines. The design of passages emphasizes an unobstructed view and is designed to be convenient for walking and visiting. Make all kinds of amusement equipment “visible” to customers to the greatest extent. In particular, I would like to remind you that the unobstructed design style of this kind of amusement park can use the customers who are playing as a display. The demonstration effect brought by this will often attract more customers to participate.

  1. Membership card: you don’t have to worry about digital consumption.

Amusement parks with good operating conditions have launched membership cards with varying amounts. After getting a membership card, it will stimulate customers to extend their consumption time. Everyone has this mentality: every time you pay cash for consumption, you will have a deep and intuitive impression. If you spend too much money, you will even feel distressed. However, swiping a card does not have such a deep feeling. In fact, membership cards take advantage of the responsibility-shifting psychology. Card-swiping purchases often ignore the repayment (or pre-deposit) responsibility of the money, which will cause customers to spend more.

Whether it is a large or small playground, or an outdoor or indoor children’s paradise, it remains the same. As long as it is a venue for everyone to play, these tricks to attract people can have unexpected results. Having said so much, in a word: the vitality of the playground lies in the creation of amusement atmosphere. If you are dissatisfied with your current business situation, then try to change it! Maybe small changes can bring unimaginable results.