Tips for cleaning children’s playgrounds

Children’s paradise is an entertainment place for children. Many children gather every day. They happily enjoy the happiness brought by various children’s amusement facilities. At the same time, they also bring some physical residues to the children’s paradise due to eating food, etc., becoming a paradise. trash inside. In order to create a clean playing environment for children, today OPLAY will share some tips on cleaning children’s playgrounds to give children a comfortable, clean and healthy space.

When it comes to hygiene issues, it must be inseparable from the layout of the children’s playground. Children’s parks are not built randomly, but are planned and built according to the characteristics of children’s amusement facilities. Therefore, cleaning should also be done in different areas, which is better.

Venue floor and wall cleaning

For activity rooms, floors, walls, etc. in children’s playgrounds, use ultraviolet irradiation for disinfection every day. The room should be ventilated regularly. Use peracetic acid to spray and disinfect once a week. Toilets, toilets, etc. should be sprayed regularly with 3% Lysol.

Plastic amusement equipment

Plastic amusement equipment such as slides, wooden horses, and cars are also common in indoor children’s playgrounds. For small and movable amusement equipment such as wooden horses and cars, we can scrub it directly with soapy water; for large and immovable amusement equipment such as slides, we can scrub it with a wet rag dipped in soapy water. .

sand pool

  1. If it is fine sea sand, you can spray the disinfectant extracted from traditional Chinese medicine on the sand pool for disinfection. It is not only effective, but also decomposes naturally without leaving any residue.
  1. If it is cassia, it can be sterilized by exposing it to the sun regularly. Do not wash it with water as it will germinate easily.
  1. Large garbage and objects in the sand pool should be picked up and thrown away directly. If they are mixed with sand, use a small shovel to shovel them out together with the sand. Pay attention to replacing the sand in a timely manner.
  1. The most important thing when cleaning the sand pool is cleaning and drying. At this time, you should choose a sunny and good weather according to the weather forecast. Generally, the cleaning can be completed on the same day.

Ocean ball pool

If the number of ocean balls is not particularly large, you can use the manual method below to clean them with soapy water and then dry them in the sun. If the number of ocean balls is particularly large, use an ocean ball cleaning machine. The ocean ball cleaning machine can not only clean, disinfect and dry ocean balls, it also has high working efficiency and saves a lot of time.

In addition, we will also provide customers with a daily cleaning and cleaning schedule. If you need it, you can contact us to obtain it.