Indoor playground or soft contained indoor playground is made out of the materials give below, here are some introduction about the materials we use.

1: plywood:  we use 18mm thick plywood with good loading capacity which meet the needs of different safety standard.

2:PVC vinyl: what we use is 1000d 0.55mm thick pvc vinyl which is fire-retardant and have vey high durability.

1000D PVC皮- 1000D PVC VINYL

3:Foam tube: Φ85*2500mm, 15mm wall thick, also fire-retardant and non-toxic which is the basic requirements for kids indoor playground.


4: EVA floor mat: 600*600*20mm.  fire-retardant and non-toxic.  Flammability is a very important point for the safety of an indoor playground, so we always use the materials which could meet the needs of safety standard.

 EVA地垫-61x61x2cm EVA MAT

5:Clamps and footing:  to make sure the stability and safety of the play structure, we use Cast steel clamps to fix all the steel pipes and the play elements.

 铸造通头-Malleable Cast Iron Clamp


6:ZIP TIE:   size is 8*400mm , zipties are all custom made with the special features needed for the high demanding customers of us around the world.

 扎带-ZIP TIE(front)

7: Safety net:

Mesh size is 40x40mm, PE materials, also fire-retardant to ensure the safety of the playground.


These are the main materials used in the indoor playground, and they are the key and  basis to make a durable playground with high-end quality.  We aim to use the best materials to produce the best indoor playground equipment for our dear customers.