Indoor children’s playground equipment materials and maintenance knowledge!

If you have just entered the amusement industry, it is inevitable that you are not very clear about the materials and maintenance of children’s amusement equipment. Here is a brief introduction to the materials and maintenance methods of several amusement equipment for your reference.

  1. Slide

Traditional slides: Here we refer to ordinary plastic slides as traditional slides. It is made of LLDPE imported engineering plastics and is blow molded. The color, size, slope and length of the slide can be freely selected. There are single slides, double slides, triple slides, rotating slides and other styles. This kind of slide feels comfortable to the touch, slides smoothly, and has low difficulty. It is suitable for young children and is relatively solid and durable. Therefore, it is also the most widely used slide in children’s playgrounds.

Stainless steel spiral slide: The main form of stainless steel slide is spiral slide. Since indoor building heights are generally around 3 meters, spiral slides can increase the fun and challenge of the slide while solving the restrictions brought by building height. Stainless steel slides are more exciting and challenging than traditional slides, and are more suitable for older children to play. Therefore, they are more suitable to be connected with crawling, drilling and other projects.

  1. Ocean ball

Ocean balls are one of the most common products in naughty castles or other children’s playgrounds. They come in a variety of different specifications. They are blow molded from high-density element PVC plastic. They do not need to be inflated and are completely sealed. They are non-porous balls with cute shapes and bright colors. Bright, safe plastic, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and odorless, can be washed, and has a certain degree of elasticity when pressed by hand. There are also various choices in colors. Because they are not easy to be damaged, are low-priced, durable and practical, non-toxic, non-polluting and non-harmful, they are loved by children and recognized by parents.

The ocean ball is a children’s playground product, baby tent, naughty castle and outdoor activity supplies, etc., which brings wisdom and fun to children. Various children’s playgrounds generally regard the ocean ball pool as a “must-have” entertainment item, together with the trampoline. Same name. Secondly, the ocean ball can also be used with other inflatable toys, such as inflatable pools, inflatable trampolines, etc. According to professional education experts, bright color combinations can easily stimulate children’s vision and make them happy, and playing with ocean balls can help babies develop their brains, stimulate their intelligence, and exercise their flexibility in their hands and feet, thereby all-round supporting their growth. Play a certain role.

  1. Trampoline

Whether it is a single trampoline or a super large trampoline, the quality of the elastic fabric and springs directly affects children’s trampoline experience and play safety. The elastic fabric of the trampoline that meets safety standards is made of PP elastic fabric imported from the United States. It has good elasticity and can effectively relieve the pressure on the knees and ankles and avoid harm to children caused by bouncing. The spring uses electroplated spring, which has a longer service life.

  1. Electric amusement equipment

Electric amusement equipment is an indispensable presence in indoor children’s parks, including electric Winnie the Pooh, carousels, electric swings, time shuttles, etc., which are mainly made of stainless steel bases and PVC soft bags.

In addition to amusement equipment, columns, platforms, and protective nets are also the main components of indoor children’s playgrounds. The columns are mainly made of galvanized international steel pipes with an outer diameter of 114mm. The platform is made of PVC leather-wrapped sponge and multi-layer boards. The protective net is woven with high-strength nylon rope.

Amusement equipment maintenance tips

  1. During daily maintenance, use a clean soft cloth to wipe the painted surface regularly, and do not let children’s amusement equipment come into contact with acids, alkaline chemicals and oils.
  2. Burn marks. If the paint is burned, wrap a matchstick or toothpick with a fine-grained hard cloth, gently wipe the marks, and then apply a thin layer of wax to reduce the burnt marks.
  3. For water stains, you can cover the mark with a damp cloth, then use an electric iron to carefully press the wet cloth several times, and the mark will fade.
  4. Scratches. If the paint on some amusement equipment is slightly rubbed off without touching the wood under the paint, you can use a crayon or paint of the same color as the furniture to paint on the wound surface of the children’s amusement equipment to cover the exposed background, and then apply it thinly with transparent nail polish Just one layer.

Understanding the materials of indoor children’s playground amusement equipment is of great help to entrepreneurs purchasing amusement equipment. We can choose amusement equipment of different materials according to our own needs. In addition, understanding the materials of indoor children’s playground amusement equipment will also help with the daily maintenance and upkeep of the amusement equipment, and help extend the service life of the amusement equipment.