Oplay focuses on the customization and production of children’s play equipment. With unique insights into the research, design, production, and sales of non-powered play equipment, Oplay has developed over a thousand different types of non-powered play equipment. Selecting the right equipment to place in our venue is crucial, and this article aims to discuss the practical usage rate, emphasizing the importance of equipment that truly engages children. This information can help you avoid many pitfalls when establishing a playground.

Soft play areas remain popular among children, and there’s a good reason for it. Soft play areas have always been the core of children’s playgrounds, a status that has remained unchanged for many years. With multifunctional play equipment and large square footage, these iconic “buildings” occupy a prominent place in indoor children’s playgrounds. The joy brought about by traditional entertainment combinations holds tremendous appeal for every child.

Karting and climbing projects rank second and third, respectively. Karting, as a relatively new project, has gained popularity due to its high safety, thrilling and enjoyable experience, and quick learning curve. It appeals to both adults and children, fostering children’s curiosity and self-confidence. Climbing projects combine physical activity, exploration, and entertainment, offering a holistic exercise and entertainment experience. It not only challenges personal limits and releases endorphins but also fosters the essence of overcoming difficulties and self-transcendence.

Dollhouses take the fourth spot, offering role-playing games like police stations, fire stations, airports, princess houses, and supermarkets. Children find joy in these imaginative scenarios. Ball pool adventures and trampoline series secure the fifth and sixth positions. These games have gained rapid popularity in recent years, with the flexibility to be freely combined and paired with other equipment. This versatility enhances playability, providing a rich variety of projects for children to explore and enjoy.

Seventh and eighth places are occupied by arcade games and VR, offering entertainment and a high-tech experience that truly delights children. Ninth and tenth places go to the trendy ocean ball pool and the handicraft workshop. The ocean ball pool, featuring a vast quantity of ocean balls and an open large skateboard, allows children to play freely in a spacious setting. Meanwhile, the handicraft workshop serves as a great parent-child activity, including activities such as pottery, ceramic sculpting, hand baking, and paper sketching, all beloved by both parents and children.

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