Ice skating is a sport loved and enjoyed by people all around the world. But, the need for a frozen surface can be a limit for people to skate year-round. This is where synthetic ice skating rinks come in.It allows skaters to experience the joy of ice skating anytime, anywhere, and in any climate. what we use is a type of high-density plastic which is called Ultra high molecular polyethylene material to repalce the traditional gliding sensation of real ice. we have different sizes and thickenss as options, also all synthtic panels are designed with tongue and groove system which make it easy for people to install.


1. Skating experience like real ice;
2. Easy to install;
3. Cost-effective;
4. Suitable for all kinds of skates ;
5. No restrictions on weather and location;
6. Expanded application: public skating rink, hockey/curling training ground, sports facilities, etc.;
7. The mode is free. The movements, jumps and skills performed under the real ice rink are still applicable here;
8. Long service life, the service life of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene skate board is significantly higher than that of traditional plastic skate board;
9. Specifications and sizes can be customized;
10. special surface processing texture, not easy to show skating scratches, easier to clean and maintain

connection ways

There are two ways for the connection of the synthetic skating panels.

Option A:

connection A-1   connection A-2

Option B:

connection B-1 connection B