What does indoor soft playground consist of?

Like a building , indoor/soft playground has its own structure, usually, it consists of inner steel structure, soft deckboard, netting deckboard,play elements,netting and soft cushion.

1:Steel structure

Steel structure is like the bones for the indoor/soft playground, we usually choose different thickness steel pipes for different height, we build the steel structure through some steel connectors.inner steel structure

2:Soft deckboard/Netting deckboard

Soft deckboard/Netting deckboard ack like the floor in the upper levels, deckboard is made of wood,foam ,netting deckboard is made of PP, deckbards are fixed to the structure by screws and some connectors too.

soft deckboard

netting deckboard

3:Play elements

Play elements are the factors kids play inside a playground, there are many different kinds of play elements like soft obstalces, handing balls, ball pool. slides, climbing stuff etc.

play elements

4:Safety netting

Safety netting is like the wall of the playground, that helps to make necessary protection for the kids. netting must be not-toxic and fire-retardant,also should be installed in a proper way.

safety netting

5:soft cushion

soft cushion is like the protection equipment on the ground to protect kids from getting hurt when they fall or jump down from a high place, we usually EVA mats as the cushion.